Donna Striebe began her career in Europe and is currently based in Manhattan and Palm Beach, Florida.

Born to a Canadian father and a Dutch mother, Donna left for Amsterdam at a young age and lived most of her adult years in Europe. She traveled extensively and lived in a number of international cities known for a strong design culture, including Amsterdam, London, Brussels, Paris and her birthplace, Vancouver Canada. While living in England, she studied at the London School of Design and worked for design firms in Amsterdam and Paris before moving to the US and starting her own design practice in 2002.

Through her dedication and tireless work ethic, she continues to explore new ideas and knowledge while collaborating with architects, builders and skilled tradespeople to ensure that each project is executed to the highest level of detail and quality.

I like to see, touch and observe objects and materials that convey a personal story. It can be any style, size, form, or originate from any country or any era. I take great pleasure in creating spaces that combine all of these sensibilities.